The heart wants what it wants.

I opened the door and quietly sneaked in, he was staring into the dark of the night. It had been twelve years since we first met. I had known his ailment but I had to move in with him, now that his heart was losing its desire to live. He needed someone to take care of him with seventy- three heartbeats per minute. It was wearing him out, he was losing sleep over it. And I had been staying alone long enough with Rufus on his recommendation. It was time

That night when I held the receiver and the muffled, faint uproars hung as the background cacophony, I realized of his restrained demeanour of the past few week. CPD it was and along with his heart, his lungs were dying too.

‘Why did you marry me?’ he abruptly asked one night after I had moved in.

‘You needed someone to take care of you.’ I returned.

There was a slight pause, where he pondered, ‘Didn’t you love me?’ He said quietly.

‘Ben, I’ve been loving you for the past 12 years.’ I said.

The clock ticked slowly and months drifted by. He was climbing stairs now, breathlessly. The reports arrived on a Sunday and I immediately went to the clinic.

‘You see there’ Dr.Red said pointing at the x-ray, ‘It’s fine. Don’t worry Em. He’s alright.

Well, you can do something if you’re worried. Stay with him.

You should have moved in earlier.’


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